My Spirited Child

If you know know us well, you know how our dear Peter takes a ton of energy. This summer has been hard trying to keep up with him, especially with potty training. Luckily we are doing better but still having to really work on it. I am participating in a challenge at Ginger Scrap. They are doing Survivor digi scrap style. This week was at good timing and was to write a love letter. I thought Peter would be the perfect candidate. I may need a brake from him at times but I can’t imagine my life without him.
Spirited Child
The text reads:
To my Spirited child,
You are my spirited child, busy at every moment, waiting for your audience, and ready to perform.. You take every ounce of energy that I have. All I feel like I do is correct you, nag you, and am always having to use your full name to get your attention. I hate that I feel embarrassed in public when you are yelling hi to everyone and trying to talk to every sales person. I am scared that people think that I can not control my 3 year old when I am capable of keeping 24 Kindergartners in line all day long and they take less energy out of me then you and your sister. I am learning so much from you! Especially as you grow and learn. You are amazingly smart like your father. You have your grandfather’s sense of humor. And your mother’s temper. As your mother, I need to remember to step back and enjoy you for all of these things that you are made of. Especially the funny things you do. Like greeting everyone in your sight. I need to appreciate that you want to be everyone’s friend and that you want to make everyone laugh. Please help me remember this as I take you to speech, Neuro-Behavior, and OT evals. Please also remind me, that nothing truly is wrong with you except you living life to the fullest and LOUDEST that you can!

Kit: Life’s a Picnic by Connie Prince


~ by tweetykl on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “My Spirited Child”

  1. This truely moved me! I felt like I was writing this to my 3 year old daughter. it’s nice to sit back and read someone else’s thoughts that mirror your own. thank you for writing this, and also making me realize the same things you do!

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